Friday, May 26, 2006

March to May and Beyond

Wow! What happened to April? Things went quiet after the Florida Film festival in Orlando. Despite a great screening with a long Q&A and great feedback, we didn't get a second showing. But we did get the feeling that the festival organizers found our subject matter a little too controversial for their tastes.

Oh well, we regrouped in April to make the most of May when we showed the film at the Jacksonville Film Festival. Although it is not one of the more established festivals, JFF has been coming on string under the leadership of Jean Tait and attracted a lot of attention. Part of this was due to the premiere of "Lonely Hearts," a John Travolta movie shot in and around Jacksonville. Lots of the cast and crew (but not Mr. Travolta) attended the screening which made it a fun evening (the movie itself is not fun, indeed it is very dark and definitely 'R' rated).

After Jacksonville we head to Atlanta for the big Atlanta Film Fesitval.