Thursday, May 24, 2012

5 Years On: On sale but not selling

Five years ago we began negotiating the theatrical and DVD release of Dare Not Walk Alone. We had high hopes that this would lead to revenue, enough to pay back the people who lent their time and money to making the film, and then give something back to the community whose story is told in the film. Sadly those hopes have faded, as reflected in the film's latest financial statement. Stephen Cobb has blogged about this over on his personal blog.

Fortunately, we think the film will live on, in community screenings, often around the time of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday. And hopefully there are still people out there who were inspired by the film to make a difference in their communities.

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N.B. Forrest said...

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As for the nauseating groveling of the white church creeps: in the past, standing up for the white race & the Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of association was considered the honorable thing for Southern Christians to do; now, shitting on their ancestors while sucking stinky nigger ass is the measure of "godliness". Which just goes to show that most people - Christers in particular - are mere sheep who think & do whatever The Authorities (the feddul gummint, their fag preachers) tell them to.

Hey - here's an idea for your next blockbuster: a doc about the 45,000 innocent American Whites who were butchered by savage apes in the 30 years between the 1964 passage of the Voting Rights Act & 1994.


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