Thursday, August 26, 2010

Great to See: In-depth interview with Tom Roche, a force at work behind so many good scenes

You probably don't know the name Tom Roche, but I bet you've seen and admired this work. Tom has edited a ton of great video and film over the years, from early R.E.M. music video to Spinal Tap's recent Unwigged and Unplugged, and now Harry Shearer's New Orleans documentary The Big Uneasy.

Quite the range you might say, not to mention Tom's own documentary feature Alley Pat, the Music is Recorded, which won the audience prize at the 2010 Atlanta Film Festival.

So what has Tom Roche got to do with Dare Not Walk Alone? Well, without Tom the film would probably not be out there today, on DVD, in regional theaters, for rent at NetFlix and digital download from Amazon and BestBuy. Tom did not direct Dare Not Walk Alone and he didn't exactly edit it, what Tom did is make it possible for Jeremy Dean to take the film to the next level.

Here's what happened. Tom went to see an early cut of Dare Not Walk Alone at an indie film festival in Atlanta. He was so moved by the screening that he perusased his boss at Atlanta's Crawford Communications to give Jeremy access to the kind of high-end editing and sound sweetening equipment most indie filmmakers can only dream about (because they sure can't afford to buy or rent it).

Then Tom and Crawford donated untold hours to help Jeremy remix the movie, not once, but twice, to include the footage of the housefire that destroyed a setting central to the film's story. All of us at Dare Not Walk Alone are forever grateful to Tom for his efforts on the film's behalf. And we are delighted to see him get some of the long overdue recognition he deserves for his tireless work on behalf of telling important stories. Check out the in-depth interview at Creative Loafing.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rent Civil Rights Doc "Dare Not Walk Alone" at BestBuy's CinemaNow

The ways of watching a movie they are a'changing, and we can now offer one more way to watch Dare Not Walk Alone: the CinemaNow digital rental service from BestBuy. Click here to check it out.

Digital rental of the film will cost you $3.99. You can also buy it digitally for $9.95. Be sure to check out the compatibility of your hardware before downloading. (BTW, if you do watch the movie using this service we'd love to hear about your experience.)

Enjoy the movie!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Watch on Amazon Video on Demand: The civil rights story like you've never seen it before

Just a quick update to let you know there is another way to watch the NAACP Image Award-nominated movie Dare Not Walk Alone: Amazon Video on Demand.

Amazon Video on Demand means you can buy the movie for $14.99 or get a 7-day rental for just $1.99.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Movies to Watch During Black History Month: Dare Not Walk Alone

May be suggest, for this year's Black History Month, you watch: "Dare Not Walk Alone." You can read all about this award-winning civil rights documentary on the web site and on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. You can rent Dare Not Walk Alone on NetFlix. You can buy Dare Not Walk Alone at (just $6.86 with free in-store pickup).

Here are some comments people have made about the film:

The issues of legacy and unmet challenges of the movement are nowhere better addressed than in your film
~~ Dr. Chris Magoc, Mercyhurst College, PA

Films like this give me knowledge and a hope that maybe I can do something to change the world.
~~ Ian Soto, Orlando

An excellent film, compelling, painful, a story that needs to be told-–the change already taking place in St. Augustine is a small but positive and hopeful step.
~~ Peggy Sheffield, St. Petersburg, FL

Wow! Been in Florida ten years and had no idea all this happened and is still going on. Thanks for enlightening me!
~~ Eva Krzewinski, Altamonte Springs

Amazing film! Opened my eyes to something I had never truly understood. You guys are doing an amazing job. Keep it up!
~~ Melissa Soto, Orlando, FL

A powerful real life story that many people don’t know about. Great footage. Strong music.
~~ Darren Zanolini, Orlando.

Excellent depiction of the complexity of racial and class struggle in Florida and the continued relevance of race and socioeconomic status in American life. Great connection between the roles of housing, education, criminal justice system and their impacts on continuing life choices.
~~ Dorcas Gilmore

Monday, January 18, 2010

Clarksville Screening of Dare Not Walk Alone: January 19, with panel and reception

From Clarkesville Online:

At 7 p.m., Tuesday, Jan. 19 in Clement Auditorium, a documentary, titled “Dare Not Walk Alone,” will be shown, with a panel discussion to follow. The film discusses how the citizen reaction in St. Augustine, Florida, to the demonstration may have contributed to the signing into law the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Panelists will include Dr. C. Alvin Hughes, professor of history at APSU, and Jimmie Garland, president of the Clarksville-Montgomery County Branch of the NAACP. A reception also will be held in the WNDAACC.

Check out Clarksville Online

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dare Not Walk Alone Screening, St. Augustine, Friday 15, and other Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Events.

Dare Not Walk Alone will be screened on Friday, Jan 15 at 7:00PM at St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church, St Augustine, FL. This documentary about St. Augustine's role in the civil rights movement during the early 60's features seldom seen footage of Dr. King, including his arrest in Florida (for trying to get a cup of tea at a local restaurant). St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church is at 37 Lovett Street.

On Saturday, January 16, David Nolan, local historian, will coduct a train tour of the Freedom markers throughout St. Augustine. $10.00 donation will benefit ACCORD. Reservations are necessary. (904) 823-9688.

On Sunday, January 17, David Nolan will be speaking at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of St. Augustine at 10:30AM.