Sunday, January 20, 2008

Vote for Change! Vote for DNWA at IMDB?

Most people who watch Dare Not Walk Alone agree that it is a great agent for positive change and many ask what they can do to help the film reach a wider audience. Some have asked if it would help to vote for the film on IMDB, the Internet Movie DataBase. The answer is: Maybe.

If you have seen the film, then please vote. A good score at IMDB generally helps a film get more exposure, which is what Dare Not Walk Alone needs if it is to fulfil its role as an agent of change.

But you should NOT vote for a film at IMDB unless you have seen it, and you should NOT vote more than once, even if you own several different email addresses. You should also avoid voting with a new email account from yahoo or gmail. If you violate these rules and guidelines then your vote might actually lower the score that IMDB lists for the film. That's because IMDB, which is owned by Amazon, the world's largest Internet retailer, goes to a lot of trouble to detect and deter vote stuffing (and also movie bashing).

If IMDB didn't do this, their rating system would be meaningless and so the technology behind the scoring is very sophisticated. For example, suppose someone wanted to hurt a movie. They might create a bunch of free email addresses at Yahoo then cast a bunch of low votes. But IMDB can detect foul play like that and will give less weight to those votes.

Of course, the most powerful vote you can cast is the one in November, at the ballot box. So please be sure to register to vote now!

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