Saturday, September 29, 2007

20 Words Worth Your Choice of T-Shirts

One of the drawbacks of a low-to-zero budget movie is that the director can't afford to travel to all the great places that the film is screened. This is the case tonight. Nobody from the film could afford to be there in Milwaukee. However, we think some readers of the blog will be there and one of them will get a DNWA t-shirt IF they send in a 20 word report on the screening.

What we are looking for is word on how well the screening was attended and what the general reaction to the film was like. We are looking for honesty (if there are only 5 people in the audience we want to know--we will be crushed, but we want to know). If there are more than 5 people then we don't expect you to interview them all, just write down your sense of how the screening went. If you feel moved to send more than 20 words, that would be great, but the only person guaranteed a t-shirt if the first one to email their report to info "at" dnwa "dot" info.

(We put out the address this way to prevent spam software from reading it. We only ask for 20 words so that folks smart enough to text our email address from their cell phone can compete. SMS abbreviations allowed but message must be at least 150 characters long. We will not count any messages received before the end of the film. We strongly discourage use of cell phones during screenings. You may send your report as a comment on this blog post. Do not include personal information like your address in a blog post. Judges decision is final. All entries become property of DNWA).


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