Friday, July 20, 2007

Dare Not Walk Alone Needs Your Support

These are exciting times at Dare Not Walk Alone, the "little documentary that could." We are on the verge of a new phase in distribution. All we need is your prayers, meditations, positive vibrations, whatever you turn to or offer up when you want to help something move forward.

The situation is this: We stand a good chance of getting the film into "select theaters" by the end of the year, and onto DVD and TV in 2008, hopefully just in time to inform election year dialog about issues like poverty, equality, and race. The only thing in our way is money, something we will discuss in a future posting. But don't worry! We're not asking for more money from you, our faithful supporters who have already done so much to keep this project going and spreading.

What we do want from you is your vote, not for President, but for Dare Not Walk Alone. And the place we need vote right now is IMDB, the Internet Movie DataBase.

To learn how this works, click here. Please read this before voting. And please, only one vote per person, just like in a proper democracy. (And to those loyal supporters who have already cast their vote: THANKS!)

Our goal is to influence the cinema owners, and later the DVD retailers, people who decide which films to screen and which DVDs to put on the shelves. Some of these people pay close attention to IMDB. The higher the score and the more the votes, the better the chances of Dare Not Walk Alone getting a shot at wider distribution. Voting only takes a few minutes, so if you can, please do vote. It is really quite exciting to see the vote count grow. (If you are a movie buff who is already familiar with how IMDB voting works, you can click here to get to the Dare Not Walk Alone page, otherwise click here.)


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