Friday, May 04, 2007

Vote for Dare Not Walk Alone?

We know that a lot of our supporters are thinking of ways they can help move the project forward, toward the goal of theatrical and DVD distribution. Here is one suggestion, visit this site:

Movie Review - Dare Not Walk Alone - eFilmCritic

This is a web site that solicits public input on movies...if you have seen a movie they want you to rate it. So we invite those of you who have seen DNWA to visit and express your opinion. We don't know how much attention this site gets, but as the saying goes, "Every little bit helps."


p.s. We finally persuaded Jeremy to start carrying a cell phone [again] so it is possible for people to call him [again]. We don't feel comfortable publishing the number here, so if you need to get in touch with him please email "scobb at scobb dot net" and we might be able to help. Also check out:

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