Friday, April 27, 2007

Civil Rights Film Wins Festival Audience Award

Drumroll please...

Hushed silence...

"And the Audience Award for the Columbus, Ohio, 2007 Alive Deep Focus Film Festival goes to...envelope please...Dare Not Walk Alone."

Thank you, audience, thank you!

It is hard to express just how much your recognition means to us. Accolades from critics, from other filmmakers, these are wonderful things to have. But for a documentary about civil rights to scoop the audience vote, against some really tough competition, that truly makes the whole thing feel totally worth it.

We want to thank the festival sponsors and the organizers, especially Melissa Starker, for screening the film.

We would also like to thank all our supporters out there who have done so much over the last twelve months to promote awareness of this film. Your efforts are pushing us ever closer to making the film available to everyone.

After all, when a film comes out top in Columbus, you know there is a huge audience across America that is likely to feel the same way about it.


p.s. We will be posting a picture of the award when we get it. And of course, we will be updating all of our fliers to say "Award Winning."

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