Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thank You Flagler! First ever outdoor screening lights up the night

We will expand on this post with more details in a few hours but we wanted to put up this picture right away...it shows the first ever outdoor screening of Dare Not Walk Alone, on the campus of Flagler College, Saint Augustine, Florida as part of the InterVarsity group's diversity awareness campaign.

Kudos to Kelly and friends for arranging this screening--it was a unique experience and definitely achieved its goal of raising campus awareness of Saint Augustine's racial history. And many thanks to all who donated time and money. The fund for the rebuilding of the Coley house was increased and more volunteers were signed up. All of which is very encouraging. The film's director, Jeremy Dean, himself a Flagler alumn, was unable to attend because he was on his way to a screening in Phoenix at the Arizona Black Film Showcase. However, one of the film's executive producers, Stephen Cobb, was in attendance and participated in a lively post-screening discussion.

As Stephen reported to Jeremy: "This proves you really can string up a big white tarpaulin between two palm trees at night, point a projector at it, hook up a DVD player and a great big speaker, and show a movie. And you have the added bonus that, just as Kelly predicted, passers by get drawn in like flies."

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