Thursday, August 24, 2006

Busy Summer!

Okay, so DNWA went to the big Atlanta film festival and not a whole lot seemed to happen. We were a little bummed. But then we caught a huge break. A gentleman who saw the film in Atlanta works for a large Atlanta-based communications company and was so moved by the film he persuaded the company to provide post-production and editing facilities to DNWA. So in early August Jeremy spent two weeks with Crawford Communications (to whom we are hugely grateful) creating a much higher quality version of the film, plus a one hour version ready for TV broadcast. That means the next time the film shows at a festival it will be crisper, easier to see and much easier on the ears. Thanks again to Crawford Communications!


l. pourciau said...

I've read about the film on lowercase people and other places online. Where can I watch or buy it? I'm really interested to see the finished product!

Dare Not Walk Alone Blog said...

Sorry for not responding sooner and thanks so much for your interest. Expect to see a DVD for sale around the middle of 2007. In the meantime we are working on more festival screenings and will post dates and times to the blog as they become available. If you know of a school or college that might want to host a screening, let us know at Peace.