Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Movies to Watch During Black History Month: Dare Not Walk Alone

May be suggest, for this year's Black History Month, you watch: "Dare Not Walk Alone." You can read all about this award-winning civil rights documentary on the web site and on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes. You can rent Dare Not Walk Alone on NetFlix. You can buy Dare Not Walk Alone at (just $6.86 with free in-store pickup).

Here are some comments people have made about the film:

The issues of legacy and unmet challenges of the movement are nowhere better addressed than in your film
~~ Dr. Chris Magoc, Mercyhurst College, PA

Films like this give me knowledge and a hope that maybe I can do something to change the world.
~~ Ian Soto, Orlando

An excellent film, compelling, painful, a story that needs to be told-–the change already taking place in St. Augustine is a small but positive and hopeful step.
~~ Peggy Sheffield, St. Petersburg, FL

Wow! Been in Florida ten years and had no idea all this happened and is still going on. Thanks for enlightening me!
~~ Eva Krzewinski, Altamonte Springs

Amazing film! Opened my eyes to something I had never truly understood. You guys are doing an amazing job. Keep it up!
~~ Melissa Soto, Orlando, FL

A powerful real life story that many people don’t know about. Great footage. Strong music.
~~ Darren Zanolini, Orlando.

Excellent depiction of the complexity of racial and class struggle in Florida and the continued relevance of race and socioeconomic status in American life. Great connection between the roles of housing, education, criminal justice system and their impacts on continuing life choices.
~~ Dorcas Gilmore

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