Thursday, August 13, 2009

We're Back: Blog posts and tweets will resume shortly, screenings too

Even the most tireless of activists get tired sometimes and Dare Not Walk Alone is no exception. We had to take a couple months off, to regroup, recharge our batteries, and map out the future of the project (not to mention keeping up with days jobs to pay the rent, which an indie film seldom does).

Admittedly, we feel a bit wimpish for taking a break, particularly when we think of the tireless efforts of civil rights campaigners in the early sixties, like the young woman pictured here in St. Augustine, Florida, in 1964. (She is one of the St. Johns County foot soldiers who bravely faced down violent opposition and helped pass the first civil rights act 45 years ago last month, as documented in the film.)

But we also had to ask ourselves some serious questions. Like: Is there still a role for an NAACP award nominated indie film about race in America? Will screening the film help move us forward, closer to the more perfect union of which President Obama speaks and the beloved community of which Dr. King spoke so eloquently?

We think the answers are Yes and Yes. We sat out the Prof. Gates arrest thing but say what you will about the incident and its aftermath, surely it proved we are not yet in a post-racial state of communal harmony.

Now we are set to tour the film in a number of Southern states next month. We will be posting details here shortly. Director Jeremy Dean will be on tour with the film.