Friday, August 01, 2008

New York Screening Just 3 Weeks Away

Just wanted to remind everyone that Dare Not Walk Alone will open at the Pioneer Theater on Manhattan's Lower East Side in three weeks time.

There will be one show each evening at 7PM starting on Friday, August 22 and running through Thursday, August 28. You can get details and tickets here. With the dialogue about race in America now attracting mainstream media attention, Dare Not Walk Alone is more relevant than ever. In no other film will you witness both the gritty reality of the struggle for equality and the disquieting reality of life today in a community on whose streets that struggle was fought.

Interestingly, as the film reaches a wider audience, we may be seeing a split emerge between folks who object to the way the film mixes past and present aspects of the racial divide in America, and others who 'get' where the film is coming from. We're not quite sure what factors account for this difference of opinion, however, it does seem like younger people, who may have received only a condensed and sanitized version of the civil rights struggle in school, really appreciate the up-close and personal style of Dare Not Walk Alone. They like that the film does not preach or narrate but simply allows you to experience sounds and images and words that convey with great immediacy both historic events and present realities.

This experience may leave the audience with more questions than answers, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. No documentary is going to answer all the questions that the complex topic of "race in America" raises today. But this film makes a good starting point for discussion and many who have watched it found it to be a strong impetus to get involved with finding the answers.

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