Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dare Not Walk Alone Support Site Re-launched

We invite you to visit the new dnwa dot info, a site designed to publish information about Dare Not Walk Alone that doesn't fit on the official site and needs to be more permanent that postings to this blog (although blog postings never die, they all go to archive eventually, making them less accessible). is also a good link to send to friends and family when you are telling them about the film. For example, has information about things people can do to help get the film more widely distributed.

Speaking of distribution, several people have asked why it costs money to get a film into distribution. The answer is licensing fees. The copyright to some of the music and photographs and newsreel footage that make Dare Not Walk Alone such a vivid and moving portrayal of the civil rights struggle belongs to other people and we have to license it from them. Some of 'them' are big companies, like TV networks and record labels.

Some of these big companies want big fees from anyone who uses their material in a movie that is to be shown in theaters or on TV. Even the estate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. requires payment if a film includes part of certain speeches that Dr. King gave. And people who license material typically want payment up front, before the film can be played in cinemas or on television.

Dare Not Walk Alone does include a lot of original contemporary footage shot by Jeremy, the director, and his crew. But just about all the original footage of events in 1964 belongs to someone who wants to be paid. Although Jeremy was very careful and sparing in the way he used this copyrighted material, the final bill to put the film in distribution for 1o years may still come close to $50,000.

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