Monday, March 12, 2007

And Another One! We are booked into Indianapolis Film Festival, April/May

Thanks to THINKFilm we have two screenings at the Indianapolis International Film Festival 2007 and we already have the dates: April 28th and May 3rd.

So you know what to do: DNWA Supporters! Ready, Set, Start your email engines! Let your friends and family in the mid-west know about this one. We have not showed in this region before so it will be good for the film to get a strong turnout.

Now let's see if we can recap the cities/states in which Dare not Walk Alone has been screened or booked. In no particular order and some more than once they are: San Diego, San Francisco, Atlanta, Phoenix, Lithonia, Buffalo, Connecticut, Indianapolis, Winston-Salem, Orlando, Sarasota, Jacksonville, Miami, Gainesville, and not to forget, our very own Saint Augustine. Let me know if I have missed any or added some imaginary ones.

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