Tuesday, February 28, 2006

St Augustine Mayor Walks Out of Housing Meeting

There was a housing summit today in Saint Augustine to discuss the deplorable conditions in some Saint Augustine neighborhoods. This meeting was organized after Senator Tony Hill viewed the film, Dare Not Walk Alone. He was appalled at the conditions of the houses shown in the documentary and wanted to address this situation by getting the city fathers together.

The meeting was held today, Feb 28. St Augustine Mayor, George Gardner stayed for a while and then stood up to leave. Before he left, however, he personally attacked Jeremy Dean for making Dare Not Walk Alone and said that Jeremy obviously only sees the "glass as half-empty." Mr. Gardner went on to say that Saint Augustine does not have a housing problem and then WALKED OUT of the meeting!. Everyone was totally stunned. (I would like to note here that Mr. Gardner's term expires in December, 2006. Thank goodness!)

After the Mayor walked out, the rest of the attendees boarded buses to view the worst areas of town and the areas needing the most help. Most people were visibly shaken and some even said they couldn't believe that they were still in America. The worst areas look more like Haiti than the well-groomed homes of the touristy areas of town.

I'm still waiting for word from the Mayor's office as to why he walked out and will advise you when I get a statement.

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Ed Slavin said...

Thank you for making the film, Dare Not Walk Alone, which I saw in St. Aug on February 12th. Thank you for speaking out and reporting the Mayor's actions, which I have today reported on my blog, Clean Up City of St. Augustine, Florida, at cleanupcityofstaugustine.blogspot.com